DiFabio’s Top Tips for Roasting a Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey

These top turkey tips are brought to you by the culinary team at DiFabio’s Events

  • Fresh Versus Frozen

Just because a bird is frozen doesn’t necessarily make it older or tougher. In fact, many turkeys are flash frozen these days. So, if the grocery store has a deal on a frozen turkey we recommend you take advantage and do not lose any sleep. If you can choose between the two – fresh is the way to go.

  • Raise the Bird Add Veggies

Make sure the turkey is raised in the roasting pan with the grate that is typically included. If not, most kitchen stores will sell something to keep your bird up and not in direct contact with the pan. Make sure your pan has about an inch of water at the bottom. Add carrots, onions, celery, salt and pepper to the water. The turkey drippings will be the base for a great gravy.

  • Brine Baby Brine

When your done reading these tips hit the internet for a brining recipe and make sure you include this vital step. Typically, the brining should be done the night before. Some brines contain sugar, salt, garlic, water and flavorings.

  • No Inside Stuffing

Do not stuff your bird with stuffing. It is best to bake your stuffing separately in corning ware style dish. Use your drippings from the bottom of the roasting pan to mix in for authentic flavor.

  • Tie Me Up

Tuck the wings under the body and tie the legs together with butcher twine for an evenly roasted Julia Child looking bird.

  • Rub Me Down

For moist meat and crispy skin dry your turkey well than lather up with butter or olive oil before roasting. Tuck some butter pats under the skin for added moistness

  • Its All About the Baste-NOT!

Constantly opening the oven to baste lowers the temp potentially causing the bird to cook unevenly and take longer. By brining the night before and lathering up with butter before cooking you are headed for the best bird award!

  • Insert the Thermometer

Meat thermometers are a vital tool. Insert your thermometer in the fleshiest part of the bird such as the thigh area. The desired temp is 160-165 degrees.

  • Rest

Loosely tent your finished bird with a generous slice of foil. Let the bird rest for twenty minutes after all it has been brined, tied up, and had a thermometer stuck in the thigh. Remember, your bird will continue to cook while resting for at least 15 minutes so make sure not to overcook. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!