Pistachio Chicken Tenders – The Versatile Appetizer

Today, we wanted to highlight an under-appreciated cult favorite in our catering menu. Those who have tried this dish tend to become loyal fans, but many of our newer catering service clients overlook the dish. This dish is, of course the venerable chicken tender. Let us tell you about why our tenders deserve some serious consideration!

These aren’t your kid’s chicken fingers.

Many of us know of chicken tenders as a vital food group for 2 to 8 year olds throughout the nation. Add some ketchup and some macaroni and cheese and dinner is served. Chicken tenders have also become a go to bar food. Super food suppliers now stock several different chicken tender options but what they all have in common is that they are typically machine cut, pressed, often times injected with stuff you can’t pronounce and jammed into a cardboard box and frozen.

DiFabio’s 9th Street Catering Company, the parent company of DiFabio’s Events and DiFabio’s Market and Tap, boasts a chicken tender that couples freshness and creativity. DiFabio’s is the home of the Original Pistachio Chicken Tender, the go to tender for discriminating consumers throughout the Philadelphia Suburbs. So what makes this Pistachio Chicken Tender so special you ask? Yes you got it – the Pistachio Chicken Tenders are made with fresh pistachio nuts and other fine ingredients, cut, battered and breaded by hand. It is truly a process but the result is an amazingly versatile and delectable appetizer.

Pistachio Chicken tenders are crunchy on the outside, moist on the inside and slightly sweet. They are great for a corporate gala, a high end cocktail party, tailgating, and any event in between. There are very few appetizers that have such utility. The pistachios make the chicken tender higher end while recognizability of a chicken tender make it appropriate for any casual event you may plan as well. Another feature that certainly helps with making entertaining a little easier is the crunchy outside also allows them to be served room temperature. Just place the tenders on a nice tray and you are ready to go. If you prefer them warm, heating them for only 5-7 minutes will do the trick.

But wait, there’s more!

If you thought the Pistachio Chicken Tenders couldn’t get any better, think again. DiFabio’s makes a homemade honey mustard sauce for dipping that causes most of our customers to request extra with every order. Our Chili BBQ sauce is nothing to dismiss either, especially if you prefer a little heat in your life.

The next time your planning a party give DiFabio’s a call and have them pack you up the original Pistachio Chicken Tenders with our honey mustard or chili BBQ and get ready for your guests to ask you “Where did you get those chicken tenders?!”