Philly Theme Parties Make for a Memorable Event

There is only one thing better than an authentic Philly cheese steak and that is a cheese steak that is made to your specification right in front of you! DiFabio’s Events caters all kinds of events throughout the Delaware Valley, such as weddings, bar mitzvahs and corporate events, but the number one requested event remains our Philly Theme event or, as affectionately dubbed, Party on 9th Street (a reference to DiFabio’s South Philly roots).

The Party on 9th Street is awesome for a casual event but has been utilized for higher end corporate events as well especially with visitors are in from out of town. In fact, DiFabio’s once catered a Philly Theme Party where Dom Perignon was the cocktail of choice!

What do you get with a Philly Theme Party?

So what is entailed in a Philly Theme Party you may ask. Well, first and foremost is Philadelphia food of course! This includes the following culinary mainstays direct from the City of Brotherly Love; a cheese steak station where your steaks are made to order with toppings of your choice and “wit” or “wit out” (with onion or without onions). You will also enjoy decadent roasted pork with broccoli rabe (a green leafy veggie with a garlicky flavor) and long Italian hot peppers on the side not to mention aged sharp provolone. There’s more, a lot more, such as authentic hoagies, chicken cutlet sandwiches on crusty Italian bread, baked ziti, sausage and peppers. Also included is our famous South Philly Antipasto salad made with romaine lettuce, aged cheese, roasted peppers, Italian meats and olives all mixed in an olive oil and balsamic dressing.

What about dessert you ask. Well a wise man once said, “Leave the gun, take the cannoli.” (A quip from scholar Vincenzo Clemenza after a particular project had been completed, from The Godfather) The cannoli, a South Philadelphia staple is a ricotta cheese and chocolate chip creamy filling inside a delicate and slightly sweet long shell. The crunch with the creamy filling is a taste you will never forget!

While the food is certainly the most important component of the Party on 9th Street there are some other touches that will add to your event. For example, a red white checkered table cloth with a rose in an empty wine bottle says welcome to South Philadelphia circa 1950’s! Another popular idea is waitstaff dressed in Philly Sports Team Jerseys (Like a Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles top, just sayin’). If you really want to impress your guests ask DiFabio’s event coordinators about arranging a special appearance by the Philly Phanatic, Swoop or the unmistakable party sound of a Mummer’s Stringband!!

There are so many possibilities with the Philly Theme party but one thing is for certain – Your guests will be talking about this event long after!