Corporate Catering in the Age of COVID-19

While working from home and Zoom seem to be the new normal, many businesses and institutions are welcoming back employees to the workplace. Many employers still believe that the interaction of employees is truly key to ideas and innovation. After all, history has proven human beings are social animals and prefer to interact in person than on an 18-inch screen.

Just as sure as rain, when employees gather in the workplace there will be a need to meet. Meetings, of course, mean eating. So, how will corporate catering for meetings change in the COVID world? For certain, the days of attacking trays of food left throughout a conference room are probably in our rear view mirror.

Helpful Tips for Corporate Catering

Boxed Lunches

Individually packed lunches are the new reality and can include all your favorites from salads, specialty sandwiches, healthier options, desserts and more. The sky is the limit with boxed lunches and your caterer can boutique each package to satisfy even the most discerning colleague. (See DiFabio’s Boxed Lunch Menu)

Individually Wrapped Utensils and Condiments

Make sure to ask for your utensils to be pre-packed in sanitary, individually wrapped packaging right down to your straw and salt and pepper packets. This request should be easily fulfilled by the foodservice provider.

Name On The Box

This is a simple tip but prevents less cautious colleagues from opening many boxes in search of the box with the biggest chocolate chip cookie.


Invest in some professional signs that encourage employees to maintain a safe social distance and to not rummage or open boxes. Keep these in the lunch room as a constant reminder.

Keep A Box of Disposable Gloves On Hand

Even if it is for tidying up after the event it is a good idea to keep a box of disposable gloves around with some disinfecting spray cleaner.

Individual Drinks

Avoid large soda or iced tea bottles and offer individual drinks/bottled water with a pre-wrapped straw.

Ask for Feedback

After the meeting drop a quick email to those in attendance and ask them what they thought about the arrangements and if they would do something differently. This is a great way to pick up even more helpful hints for a safe and delicious meal.